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I shot, developed and printed my first roll of black and white film back in 1979 as part of a geography A-Level task. My dad worked as a transport manager in Trafford Park where I had a Saturday job cleaning articulated trailers. After work I persuaded my dad to shuttle me around the industrial estate and nearby Salford Docks on a photography excursion.

 I re-discovered and digitalised the negatives around ten years ago, revealing an interesting snapshot of an area of the city in commercial and economic decline. Very few ships were travelling up the Ship Canal at this time and what was once Europe’s largest and busiest industrial estate was by then a shadow of it’s former self

79-SALFORD DOCKS-Ships.jpg

A view of what is now the Lowry and MediaCity as seen from Trafford Wharf Road

80-HOWARD-Dad's Works-(Cleaning Trailors

A younger 17 year old me… trailer cleaner

79-SALFORD DOCKS-Gates.jpg

The Dock gates


Container lifting cranes at cargo shipping company, Manchester Liners

79-SALFORD DOCKS-Container Base-2.jpg

Manchester Liners

79-SALFORD DOCKS-Container Lifting Vehic

Shipping container straddle carriers and Trafford Park railway


Barton Swing Aqueduct: which carries the Bridgewater Canal across the Manchester Ship Canal

79-TRAFFORD PARK-Railway.jpg

The sheer size of Trafford Park meant that the Estates Company commissioned a tramway to carry both people and freight


Barton Swing Aqueduct

79-SALFORD DOCKS-Warehousing.jpg

Cargo storage: Trafford Wharf

79-SALFORD DOCKS-Dry Dock.jpg

Salford drydock - The Isle of Man Car Ferry, ‘The Manx Maid’

79-TRAFFORD PARK-Chemical Works.jpg

Heavy industry: Trafford Park

Only four years later in 1983, the docks were acquired by Salford City Council and three years on from this, the redevelopment work had started on the business, residential, retail and leisure phenomenon we now know as Salford Quays and Media City. 


As a foot note… I managed a grade B in my Geography!


Salford Quays - formerly Salford Docks

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