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Along a half mile stretch of the M62 at Scammonden near Huddersfield, no less than 12 disused lorry trailers displaying giant advertising hoardings can be seen close to the motorway carriageway. All are positioned on farmland and seem untouchable. The Highways Agency say the trailers were not on their land and so nothing to do with them and the local council are reluctant to intervene because the potential cost of complicated legal action.

Love them or hate them, the M62 Ad Lorries have imposed a new surreal landscape to this beautiful West Yorkshire valley.

Ad Lorries-26a.jpg
Ad Lorries-21a.jpg
Ad Lorries-15a.jpg
Ad Lorries-29a.jpg
Ad Lorries-feww.jpg
Ad Lorries-28a.jpg
Ad Lorries-2a.jpg
Ad Lorries-16a.jpg
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