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Collyhurst history mural by kELzO and Entise


A Community in Transition

Collyhurst is one of the last working class areas of inner city Manchester, situated 1.5 miles northeast of the city centre. Over the next two decades, the council's £1bn Northern Gateway initiative is expected to change the face of the area forever. The ambitious plans will focus on Collyhurst as part of the first phase creating a new neighbourhood bringing significant improvements to the area, with local people being given first dibs on the new homes to protect the fabric of the existing community.

There are few businesses today in Collyhurst with the majority of the area taken up with social housing and tower blocks. Collyhurst is mainly a white British community but in recent years, it has become significantly multicultural. The area faces a number of economic challenges and is considered to be one the most deprived neighbourhoods in the UK.

Collyhurst - Dalton St (2019)-1.jpg

Dalton Street

Collyhurst - Rochdale Rd (2017)-1.jpg

Rochdale Road - Sudell Street

Collyhurst - Bromley St (2019)-4.jpg

Collyhurst is the rail & Metrolink gateway into Manchester's Victoria Station

Collyhurst - Rochdale Rd (2019)-3.jpg
Collyhurst - Mays, Rochdale Rd (2019)-4.

May Pawn Brokers

Rochdale Road - The main arterial road through Collyhurst


Man & Van - Dalton Street

Collyhurst - Dantzic St (2017)-3.jpg

Industrial lock up

Collyhurst - Bromley St (2019)-8.jpg

Urban decay

'Changing Places' sculpture, Sandhills Park

Collyhurst - Dalton St (2019)-3.jpg

Doorway to the city centre

Collyhurst - Sand Hills Pk, Rochdale Rd

Sandhills Park


Car parking wars - Dantzic Street, a short walk to the city centre

Collyhurst - Osborne St (2019).jpg

Keele Close


A green strip of woodland that divides Collyhurst from the city centre

Electric circus-2.jpg
Electric circus-1.jpg

The Electric Circus - Images by Kevin Cummins

The Electric Circus

In the late 1970's, Collyhurst's Electric Circus played host to many of the eras most famous punk and alternative bands including; The Sex Pistols, Buzzcocks, The Damned, Joy Division, The Jam, Ramones and The Clash. The Electric Circus closed its doors in 1977.

Collyhurst - The rail & Metrolink gateway into Victoria Station

Collyhurst - St Patricks Church (2019)-1

St Patrick's Roman Catholic Church - The centre of Collyhurst's Irish community

Collyhurst - Railway Sttion Subway (2017

Railway underpass


Man United & Man City footballing legend Brian Kidd outside St Patrick's Church


Rochdale Road - Osborne Street

Collyhurst - Rochdale Rd (2019)-5.jpg

Funeral directors - Rochdale Road


Tyre depot - Rochdale Road


Nobby Stiles - Man United & England footballer


Comedian - Les Dawson (mural by kELzO and Entise)

Collyhurst - Brian Hughes Close (2019).j

Boxing coach - Brian Hughes

Favourite Sons

This tough working class community produced many sporting heroes including among others, footballers Nobby Stiles, Brian Kidd, Stan Bowles and Carlo Sartori. Boxers Michael Gomez, Pat Barrett, and Brian Hughes. And was also the birthplace of comedian Les Dawson.

Eastford Square

The very public facing symbol of the decline of North Manchester. Tinned up, the residents and shop keepers long gone, the maisonettes await demolition as the gentrification of the city continues at a pace.

Collyhurst - Egginton St (2019)-3.jpg
Collyhurst - Egginton St (2019)-2.jpg
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