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This project is a collection of images captured from publicly accessible surveillance cameras from around the UK and gives an insight into the impact of the Covid-19 lockdown on everyday life in the UK.

Frustrated by the restrictions of movement during the crisis, the challenge became… How could I explore alternative ways of photographically documenting the day to day affect of the virus without leaving the house? By utilising publicly available surveillance imagery from the internet, it was possible to record the visual impact of the lockdown around the country. Many of the screen captures are from webcams promoting tourist locations, landmarks, businesses and peoples homes, others are sourced from live streaming events.



The pandemic forces a Derby barbers shop to close


An empty Westminster Bridge on a weekday afternoon

Save NHS2.jpg

A message for everyone outside a closed recycling centre (location unknown)


Social distancing outside a convenience store in Shoreham-by-Sea, West Sussex

Old Man4.jpg

Social care (location unknown)

Community Hall.jpg

A church hall that no longer sees the light (location unknown)


Scooters not commuters (location unknown)

Lake of Menteith2.jpg

Lake of Menteith, Scotland – motorboats await the tourists


Personal freedoms (location unknown)

Church - Easter Sunday2.jpg

An Easter Sunday church service – streamed to a congregation in lockdown (location unknown)


Brighton, Easter bank holiday – the stay away message is getting through


A nuthatch in an RSPB nesting box – nature oblivious to the crisis


A restricted funeral service during lockdown (location unknown)


House rabbit (location unknown)

York Railway2.jpg

A near deserted York Railway Station as tourists and commuters stay at home

Pigeon Loft2.jpg

Lads, motorbike & pigeon loft (location unknown)

Lyme Regis - Easter Bank Holiday2.jpg

A moment to reflect – Lyme Regis during lockdown


A computer shop in North London still trading during the pandemic 


Lions in lockdown – Port Lympne Safari Park, Kent

IT Still Working2.jpg

Working behind shutters - A computer repair shop, London

Garden Family2.jpg

Family time in lockdown (location unknown)

Loomis Security4.jpg

Security guards collect cash (location unknown)


Socially distanced chat (location unknown)

Abbey Rd2.jpg

Abbey Road, London – The Beatles famous crossing has never been quieter. The absence of ‘day trippers’ has allowed the council to repaint the road markings.

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